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SUPLES H.I.R.T.S.® Fighter

Suples® HIRTS Fighter彈性拉繩訓練組柔道武術角力個人有氧運動最價訓練器材




可多樣式練習影片只是其中一段,包含以下配件” 扣環帶一組, 彈性拉力帶2條,紅色攜帶包一個,訓練光碟一盒. Suples® HIRTS Fighter 2 stretchable Resistance Bands with a weight of approx. 9,5 kg (21 lbs) and a high tractive power For superior trained athletes in excellent shape Included in delivery are: 2 x Resistance Band, Heavy Resistance (red) 1 x Anchor Belt 1 x Storage Carry Bag 1 x Suples® HIRTS Fighter Instructional DVD (Introduction, Excercises, Intense Workout and a Training Routine) Item number: 351151